It hasn’t been a year since we moved to Switzerland, yet I feel like of all the countries I’ve visited, Switzerland is without a doubt the most perfect, organized and clean country of them all. If I had to describe it in one sentence it would be something like:

this evergreen country, blessed with the Alps, turquoise clear lakes, most delicious swiss chocolate and landscape to die for!

If you never been to Switzerland before and you worry about the budget, check out my latest post on how to see more with less money ;)

Without any other further ado, here are my Top Places I love visiting in Switzerland:

Lake Brienz

Iseltwald - the hidden gem of Lake Brienz

The most beautiful lake in Switzerland. At just an hour by car from Zurich, Lake Brienz is the center of all you need to see in Switzerland.

In close proximity you have:

  • Interlaken: the famous city between two lakes, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun.
  • Iseltwald the charming small village with its attractive Swiss wooden chalets.
  • Brienz city, known for it’s long promenade by the lake and the beautiful Brunngasse street, which was voted Europe’s most beautiful street.
  • Lauterbrunnen, the Land of 72 Waterfalls! This amazingly lush green valley will for sure take your breath away.
  • Not to mention the endless hikes you can choose from in the region.

Too much to explore in just one day.

St Gallen

St. Gallen is a lovely city in northeastern Switzerland, close to Lake Constance (Germany). From Zurich it would take about an hour to reach the city by car.

One of the top must-visit attraction in the city is, no doubt, Abbey of St. Gall. This world-famous cathedral will amaze you with it’s baroque architecture, so don’t just pass by it.

For some captivating views over the city, head to Drei Weieren (Three Ponds). If you opt to go up by foot, prepare for the climb, otherwise you can take the lift to Mühleggschlucht for a fee.

Wildlife Park Peter and Paul is not to be missed, especially for children. The entrance is free, the same for the parking, and you can spend several hours here, doing some hiking, admire the surroundings, and learn about the animals living in the park, such as: deer, wild boars, lynxes and wildcats that can be seen in their natural environment.

Lake Geneva

Welcome to the Swiss Riviera! At about two hours and a half from Zürich by car, Lake Geneva is a gorgeous place to spend the whole day. Some of the places we visited and loved are: MontreuxVeveyLausanne, the vineyards of Lavaux and of course, Geneva.

Montreux is a gorgeous and luxurious town which thrilled us right away. No wonder that Charlie Chaplin decided to spend 25 years of his life here and Queen created a couple of their best selling albums.

Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore, the Italian part of Switzerland, is one of my TOP favorite places in Switzerland.

If you have bad luck with a rainy day during your holiday in Switzerland, GO to Canton of Ticino, in southern Switzerland. There are 90% chances that it won’t rain in Ticino! This place is blessed with sunny skies around 300 days of the year.

This part of the country, feels so relaxed, like you are on a glamorous holiday, with palm trees, gelato everywhere, very sunny, very Italian like. Except for the prices, the prices are still swiss. Not Zürich area, but still high enough. A short trip to Cannobio is a must on Lake Maggiore, not to mention, Cannobio is in Italy, which means, cheaper prices, incredible food, tasty desserts and delicious cappuccino by the lake.

Places not to miss while in the area: LocarnoAsconaCannobio and Verzasca valley. If you plan on visiting Verzasca valley in the summer months, bring your swim suit with you, so you won’t regret it.

Stein am Rhein

Stein am Rhein is a charming town in northeastern Switzerland close to Lake Constance.

It is best known for its medieval houses with gorgeous painted facades, along with a wide variety of art, culture, and outdoor activities.

From Zürich, it’s about 45 minuted by car, which makes it a great day trip.

With Rhine River next to the city center area, you should take your time and enjoy a relaxed walk by the river bank. From here you can spot Hohenklingen Castle, which was built in 1225 and offers superb views over the city.


Living in Switzerland: My Top Places to Visit

Just a half-hour ride from Zürich, Aarau is an excellent choice for a day trip. The beautiful capital of Canton Aargau is famous for its gorgeous painted eaves and the lovely pedestrian city center. The Canton of Aargau owns many impressive castles which you should check them out, such as the Lenzburg, the Hallwyl Water Castle, and the Habsburg Castle, all at a short distance from one another.

Rhine Falls

Living in Switzerland: My Top Places to Visit

Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe. At just 40 minutes by car from Zurich, this place is not to be missed by any means. You have to buy a ticket to one of the boat rides that gets you really close to the waterfall. It’s the most fun experience ever! But make sure you have a scarf or a hooded jacket so that you won’t get completely wet.

We took the short boat tour no. 4 blue line for an amazing experience. The boat takes you as close as possible to the mighty water masses. Price per adult: CHF 7.

For more information check out their website.

These are my top favorite places to visit in Switzerland, soon there will come more as we continue to explore this beautiful country.

Have an amazing day!