St. Gallen is a lovely city in northeastern Switzerland, close to Lake Constance (Germany). From Zurich it would take about an hour to reach the city by car.

We visited this amazing town twice, once in September and again in November. Charming, no matter the season.

Top best things to see in St. Gallen

Abbey of St. Gall

One of the top must-visit attraction in the city is, no doubt, Abbey of St. Gall. This world-famous cathedral will amaze you with it’s baroque architecture, so don’t just pass by it. I never take photos inside a church, but this one just took our breath away. The details of the sculptures are incredible, and the color scheme of turquoise and beige, ah, impeccable!

Largest Christmas tree

Where else you will find the largest Christmas tree in Switzerland? The Abbey of St. Gall hosts the biggest Christmas tree which is lit up by more than 18,000 lights every year during the Christmas season.

Chocolate Stop

Stroll around the beautiful narrow streets, indulge with some swiss made chocolate and admire the building’s architecture. We recommend Lรคderach chocolate shop, it’s the best, and it’s right in the city center area.

Three Ponds Park

For some captivating views over the city, head to Drei Weieren (Three Ponds). If you opt to go up by foot, prepare for the climb, otherwise you can take the lift to Mรผhleggschlucht for a fee. From there, Drei Weieren is only several minutes away by foot.

In the summer the ponds are perfect for swimming and in the winter are used as ice skating. From up here you can enjoy stunning views over St. Gallen and Lake Constance.

Top best things to see in St. Gallen

Top best things to see in St. Gallen

Wildlife Park Peter and Paul

You can keep this next place for the next time you visit St. Gallen, but Wildlife Park Peter and Paul is not to be missed, especially for children. The entrance is free, the same as parking, and you can spend several hours here, doing some hiking paths, admire the surroundings, and learn about the animals living in the park, such as: deer, wild boars, lynxes and wildcats can be seen in their natural environment.

Top best things to see in St. Gallen

St. Gallen is an excellent option for a day trip, there are many thing to do and see, so make sure you add it to your list ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have and amazing day!