Lakeside walks, amazing landscape views, cristal clear waters, and the most beautiful village in Austria, all packed in the Salzkammergut region. This area charmed us a few years ago when we came across a post about the lakes around the city of Salzburg. It was too good to be true, so I quickly planned a week-long vacation at the end of May 2019.

As an accommodation, we chose the COOEE alpine hotel Hotel Dachstein, in Gosau, 15 km from Hallstatt, rated as the most famous village in Austria. The reservation was made on Booking, through the Bonusway website. That’s how we’ve got 4% of the amount back. I encourage you to use Bonusway on your next trip, if it’s available in your country. We received over 200 โ‚ฌ cashback from the accommodations on Booking, using Bonusway.

The COOEE Alpine Hotel Hotel Dachstein is located in the beautiful Gosau Valley overlooking the glacier. The whole area left me speechless with amazement when we arrived at the hotel.

At the end of May, the temperature reached 20-22 ยฐC in some days, but we also had the misfortune to catch enough rainy and cold days. Our suitcase was a mix of spring and winter clothes ๐Ÿ™‚ But, even so, we managed to create a dream vacation!


Hallstatt pleasantly surprised us, but this place is very crowded. It was almost impossible to take a photo, admire the architecture of the houses and the landscape, without dozens of people getting into you. Full of people at any time, on any day of the week. Sometimes it was difficult to catch even a parking space. It’s worth mentioning that an hour of parking starts at 3.5 โ‚ฌ ๐Ÿ™

Since our hotel was near Hallstatt, we visited the little village on two different days, this way we had the opportunity to walk every corner. The pictures below are taken waiting good minutes for my turn, or waiting for the crowd to pass.


Lake Wolfgang delights you with its impressive scenery at the foot of Mount Schafberg (world-famous), crystal clear lakes, lots of culture and history. The lake is a real paradise for nature lovers.

We surrounded the lake by car, stopping from place to place, for pictures, or on the pontoon to admire the fairytale landscapes.

I recommend stopping for a walk in St Wolfgang, the most beautiful resort on Lake Wolfgang.

For a splash of adrenaline and adventure, try the alpine slide, Sommerrodelbahn Strobl-Gschwendt, which offers incredible views of the lake. Ideal for children and adults alike. Price/adult: 7.5 โ‚ฌ. More details can be found here.


Ochsenkreuz is a small island on Lake Wolfgangsee, near St. Gilgen, and probably one of the most amazing places on the lake.


Attersee is the largest lake in the Austrian Alps. We weren’t lucky enough to catch a sunny day, but even so, we were fascinated by the views. I am pretty sure that this place is packed with people in the summer. Here, the entrance to the lake is smoother, perfect for children also. What’s nice is that along the lake, there are specially designed bathing areas, including locker rooms, sunbeds, water slides, a dining area, and many benches to admire the scenery.

Schloss Ort

Schloss Ort is a beautiful Austrian castle on the shores of Lake Traunsee. It is located on a small island and connected to the lakeshore by a wooden bridge.

Such a picturesque place is the ultimate location for a fairytale wedding, proof that over 300 weddings take place between May and October at the castle.

Lake Gosau

Lake Gosau is a small mountain lake in the middle of nature, with superb views of Dachstein, the second-highest mountain in the Northern Alps (2,995 m).

Situated among the highest mountains in the Salzkammergut area, the lake is one of the most photographed sights in the region. At the end of May, the temperature here was quite low.


Since the temperature did not rise above 12 ยฐC for 3 days in a row, we decided to escape the cold Salzkammergut area and head south.

Wรถrthersee is a lake in southern Austria, Carinthia, a short distance from Italy and Slovenia, and a 2-hour drive from Gosau, Salzkammergut.

Even if the road was long, it was worth it. With a relaxed Mediterranean vibe and more changes for a sunny day, Wรถrthersee scenery is completely different from the Salzkammergut area.

The three main tourist resorts on the lake are Velden am Worther See, Klagenfurt and Pรถrtschach am Wรถrthersee.

Velden am Wรถrthersee, is a captivating and exclusive resort, famous for parties, clubs, and entertainment. With a selection of high-quality restaurants and hotels, the city enjoys a good reputation as a party location.

We were enchanted by the Salzburg lakes area. It’s a pity we didn’t catch good weather because we had more wonderful places saved on the list. But, no worries, it’s a good reason to come back ;)

If you plan on visiting Salzburg also, we recommend tacking at least 5 days, this way you can explore the area as much as possible.

Have an amazing day!