We had an amazing couple of hours in Brienz and WOW, this place is so beautiful. I could not get enough of the color of the lake, so tropical.

Brienz is situated on Lake Brienz, the most beautiful lake in Switzerland for sure.

According to Wikipedia it has a length of about 14 kilometres, 2.8 kilometres width and a maximum depth of 260 metres.

What to see in Brienz - Switzerland

We visited this place in mid September, and the weather was just perfect, 22ยฐC – 24ยฐC. The water was also excellent for swimming.

We parked the car at the train station (Parkplatz an der Rothorn-Bahnstation) and from there we went for a nice short walk by the lake’s promenade till we reached Evangelisch-Reformierte church.

Such an amazing and relaxing walk, with picturesque views over the lake and mountains.

What to see in Brienz - Switzerland

Grab something to bite from a local store, and just relax on a sun bed with the lake in front of you. Best terrace ever!

The lake’s promenade has a bunch of outdoor games for the kids(adult also why not), so the area is really suitable for families as well.

What is not to be missed in Brienz, is the beautiful Brunngasse street, which is a charming street lined with historic Swiss wooden chalets.

What to see in Brienz - Switzerland

The Evangelisch-Reformierte church area is another beautiful place, overlooking the lake and the city. Great landscape photos can be taken from here.

Brienz lake itself is amazing, with lots of places to visit nearby:

  • Iseltwald
  • Interlaken
  • Giessbach waterfalls
  • open-air museum Ballenber

Another favorite place on the lake is Iseltwald. Check out this hidden gem. Also at a short distance there is Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. So if you book a couple of days or just visit the area in one day, it’s enough to fill you with a good vibe.

Have an amazing day!