On a Saturday in mid October we decided to get away from the cold weather of Zurich, and since canton of Ticino always enjoys milder weather, we didn’t think twice and up we were in our car, destination: Lake Maggiore.

We had a really beautiful day on lake Maggiore, of which I wrote more about here.

Most beautiful town on Lake Maggiore

Cannobio is a beautiful little village, near the Swiss border, and is for sure one of the most charming towns on the western shores of Lake Maggiore.

We parked our car here, and then we started wandering around the narrow streets until we reached the harbor area.

Most beautiful town on Lake Maggiore

The harbor and promenade area are the most attractive parts of Cannobio. Cute colorful painted houses, along the promenade’s lake, sunny skies, tons of terraces facing the lake, ah, just thinking about that place, makes me want to go back now :))

Most beautiful town on Lake Maggiore

To be completely honest, the strongest thought in my mind after crossing the Swiss border was: “I am going to eat everything that comes in my way :)) I’ll get me a pizza, prosciutto, tomatos , cappuccino, drink a glass of wine by the lake, indulge with a cup of gelato“.

We found a cute terrace by the lake called Ristorante Porto Vecchio, where we were lucky enough to find a table with direct lake view.

Most beautiful town on Lake Maggiore

Most beautiful town on Lake Maggiore

Be careful though, most places closes around 2pm, so make sure to find a table by this time, or else you might starve :))

After lunch there is always dessert, and what can be a better dessert then gelato?? We found this amazing icecream place near the harbor, but I cannot find it on google maps to give you the name. If you are interested, it’s on Via Guglielmo Marconi street. Very delicious!

Don’t leave Cannobio until you had your siesta by the lake, then walk around the narrows streets, indulge in some more desserts at the local patisserie shops, or maybe buy some small gifts for your loved ones back home.

This cute little cannolo was 1 euro.

Lake Maggiore is a jewelry, an amazing place for relaxation and culture, so if you plan on staying for a couple of days don’t miss out:

  • Isola Bella
  • Isola dei Pescatori
  • Isola Madre
  • the beautiful town Stresa

For me, Italy is the top food and travel destination. I am glad that Switzerland is so close to Italy.

Have an amazing day!