I consider Iseltwald to be the most beautiful little village on Lake Brienz. I’ve read stories about Lake Brienz being one of the most spectacular lakes in Switzerland, but to see it in reality, it’s something else for sure.

We were fortunate to catch a sunny and warm day in mid September, with temperatures around  22°C – 24°C.

We parked our car here, Leacherboden 97, and then, by foot we went down to the lake, crossing the most adorable Swiss wooden chalets, vegetable gardens, flower gardens and apple trees. Simply heaven!

Iseltwald is such a peaceful and relaxing place. Take a short break, have something to eat and just admire the beautiful lake.

Walking through the wooden chalets I could image how magical this village would look like in the winter time.

Our intention was to go as close as possible to Seeburg château and take some photos.

We couldn’t walk by and not stop at this cute terrace overlooking the lake and the castle. You cannot miss Seegarten on the lake’s promenade, so make sure you stop by for a drink or even to something to eat.

Iseltwald - the hidden gem of Lake Brienz

Iseltwald - the hidden gem of Lake Brienz

Then continue to walk on Schorren street till you reach Aussichtspunkt Brienzersee, the most amazing view point over the lake and the stunningly castle.

I definitely recommend Iseltwald, even for a couple of days, since there are so much incredible places near by:

  • Brienz
  • open-air museum Ballenber
  • Interlaken
  • Giessbach waterfalls
  • Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald

There are plenty of cute hotels on the lake’s shore, with sunbeds by the lake and amazing panoramic views. So make sure you check them up if you want to spend a few days on lake Brienz.

Brienz town is another fabulous place to visit on the lake. Check out more about it on my latest post here.

Have an amazing day!