What better way to spend the weekend, but in nature, hiking along the lake, admiring the views, taking a bath, and recharge your batteries.

The Swiss Path (“Weg der Schweiz”), is built around the southern end of Lake Luzern, at about 60 km from Zurich.

The path is split into 7 sections, accessible by public transportation, which makes it easy to reach for families with children. We made only 2 out of the 7 sections, but we plan on reaching all seven :)

  • Sisikon – Tellskappelle 3.5 km
  • Tellskappelle – Flüelen 4.7 km

From Zurich, you can reach Sisikon by car in about an hour, or 1h and 30 min by public transportation.

Sisikon – Tellskappelle

Sisikon is a charming small peaceful town, with a lovely promenade and superb views over the lake. From here you can spot the famous 27m high cliff, where the Red Bull cliff diving event is held, which gathers hundreds of people.

From Sisikon, follow the hiking sign to Flüelen, which should take around 2 and a half hours to reach Flüelen.

It took us 3 hours because at every step the view was too breathtaking, I could not resist the urge to constantly take photos and admire the scenery. On a sunny day, the color of the lake is so gorgeous, turquoise blue, perfect for a bath, as the shore is gradual.

After 2 and a half kilometers you should reach the Tell’s Chapel, a small church overlooking the lake with amazing murals.

Tellskappelle – Flüelen

I think this is my favorite part of the hike. Just before you reach Flüelen, you get these spectacular views over the lake and mountains, the perfect place for a family photo.

Things to consider during the hike

  • along the lakeshore, there are plenty of picnic areas with fire pits between Tellplatte and Sisikon
  • right before you reach Tell’s Chapel, there is Seebeizli am Urnersee restaurant, with a perfectly located terrace by the lake.
  • the hike between Sisikon and Flüelen is relatively easy to walk but is not suitable for strollers
  • there are places where you must walk on a sidewalk along the busy road for a short stretch, and before you reach Flüelen, you even walk 300m through the car tunnel, which is not the biggest joy
  • beware of the snakes and small lizards on the trail, we managed to see a big fat snake right on the path, so, if you are not careful, you can step on one
  • the lake is perfect for windsurfing
  • in Flüelen there is also a small beach along the lake, perfect for sunbathing, relaxing after the hike and admire the beautiful landscape
  • from Flüelen you can take the train back home or continue the hike to Bauen. There is no train from Flüelen to Bauen, but you can reach it by ferry.

Check out more photos along the lake:

Have an amazing day!


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