One of the most beautiful castles in Switzerland is definitely Meggenhorn Castle.

Located near the city of Lucerne, the castle offers spectacular views over the Alps and Lake Lucerne.

The castle is easily reached by car or train. By car, you can park free of cost at the gate and then walk to the castle on foot in a couple of minutes, or you can take the train and stop at Meggen railway station.

The Meggenhorn castle and its beautiful gardens are positioned on a hillside that offers panoramic views over the Lake Lucerne area.

The best time to visit the castle is in spring, that is when the castle’s garden is in full bloom with gorgeous magnolia trees and fragrant flowers.

There are plenty of benches to rest and paths which you can walk through and see the breathtaking views of the lake and the alps.

Nearby there is a family playground with farm animals that children will definitely love.

The castle can be visitedย every Sunday afternoon from April to October.