Summer comes also with more crowds and the places you love suddenly become full of tourists. Everyone wants to escape the heat and head up to the mountains. Luckily there are still some lovely spots less crowded, where you can enjoy the silence, and Lungerersee is one of them.

Lake Lungern is an excellent option for a day trip at the weekend. At about an hour driving from Zurich, this small tropical looking lake is the perfect way to spend time in nature.

Lungerersee is named after the town Lungern on its shore, easily accessible by train.

Below you will find some of the best things you can do on Lake Lungern.

Explore Lungern town

Lungern is a small peaceful town, has a small promenade at the lake, cute historic Swiss wooden chalets, and a pretty big camping area at the lake’s shore.

Here you can escape the crowded areas around Jungfrau and enjoy the scenery without bumping into tourists at each step.

Hike around the lake

Starting in Lungern, the easiest and most beautiful hike is around the lake. The path is suitable for bikers, strollers, families with children.

Prepare your camera, you will be tempted to take pictures at every corner. The tropical turquoise color of the lake, meadows full of flowers, and the beautiful view of the mountains, makes Lake Lungern the perfect landscape. Even on a hot summer day, it still is a good choice, as the path is mostly between trees and in the shadow of the surrounded mountains.

The path on the east side of the lake is more closer to the water, with lots of picnic spots, but a bit noisy from the main road nearby.

Dundelbach waterfall

From Lungern you can easily spot the Dundelbach waterfall, which is a great option to cool yourself on a hot summer day.

Bürglen beach

On the opposite side of Lungern, there is Seebad Bürglen, a small lakeside area perfect for swimming in the crystal clear water, making barbeque, and enjoying a lovely time at the beach. There is even a small waterslide for children. Parking is free on the side of the road.

Viewing Point Schoenbuehel

If you are heading to Lake Brienz, make sure to stop at the viewing point Schoenbuehel. From here, you get spectacular views over Lake Lungern. It’s a small parking area near the busy road, usually not very crowded, but you will be rewarded with incredible views.

If you are looking for the same tropical color as Lake Brienz, but less crowded and with more spectacular views, Lake Lungern is an excellent option. There are many hiking trails in the area, accessible with the cable car from Lungern up to Turren. Check out their website for more information.

Fishing is a very popular option in the area as well. You can hire a boat from Fischerparadies Lungern, they are happy to help you obtain your patens (starting at 30 CHF a day and up to 160 CHF a year), offer courses and training at 65 CHF/hour.

We managed to find free parking at the Parish of Lungern, but there are several parking lots free of charge around the lake.

Make sure to also check another spectacular lakeside hike on Lake Lucerne, close to Zurich city.

Have an amazing day!