Stein am Rhein is a charming town in northeastern Switzerland close to Lake Constance.

It is best known for it’s medieval houses with gorgeous painted facades, along with a wide variety of art, culture and outdoor activities.

We visited the small town right after the winter holidays, and we were lucky to still find the Christmas markets and decorations.

From Zürich, it’s about 45 minuted by car, which makes it a great day trip. We parked our car here, with 1 CHF/hour.

Most beautiful town in Switzerland

Even if outside was pretty cold, we still enjoyed the sun, takings pictures over the Rhine River and strolling around the city’s streets in the old town.

Most beautiful town in Switzerland

The city has plenty to offer, but I think the first thing that pops in your eyes are the magnificent facades on the Rathausplatz, which felt like you were wandering around an outdoor museum.

Not to mention the aromas from the Christmas market: mulled wine, delicious vanilla baked apples desserts, along with small fires from place to place, to keep you warm. The dessert bellow it’s called Apfelküchle, is a traditional German pastry, consisting of sliced apples dipped in batter and fried, along with vanilla  sauce.  Ah, so good! There was a long line of people waiting for this dessert :)) Price: 5 CHF.

With Rhine River next to the city center area, you should take your time and enjoy a relaxed walk by the river bank. From here you can spot Hohenklingen Castle, which was built in 1225 and offers superb views over the city.

I honestly can’t wait for the warmer season to come and plan a new trip so I can visit more of this amazing region. This whole area it’s so picturesque, with vineyards and idyllic small-towns along the hills.

Stein am Rhein is one of the best-preserved historical old towns in Switzerland and, in my opinion, is also the prettiest town I’ve visited in Switzerland.

Nearby you have:

  • the beautiful Lake Konstanz
  • Schaffhausen, which I wrote more about here.
  • Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfall in Europe

But as beautiful as all these places are, I recommend to take your time and enjoy each one individually.

Have an amazing day!